Why Gyanodaya?

100% Data Collection

Panel Discussion

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Complete Transparency

Network Building

Workshop for Chief Sponsor

Individual Stalls with Seating

Targeted Audience

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Huge Student Audience

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Snacks & Refreshments

Everyone Benefits from a School Career Fair

  • Students – the opportunity to meet with their potential future
  • School – the opportunity to directly network with Industry/Business and showcase the school
  • Parents – the opportunity to be better informed with their child’s future
  • Community – the opportunity to engage with youth
  • Business/Industry – the opportunity to engage with their potential future employees and network with schools/parents and students.

Aarambh Education has undertaken to bring together the prominent Leaders of the Education Field from Schools, Colleges, Universities (Indian and Foreign), Training & Vocational Institutes on a single platform.

All the nearby schools are invited for the event. The event provides an excellent window to students of Class XI & XII who will be looking for various career options to interact with University/College/Entrance Coaching representatives.


  • To introduce students to careers related to their coursework and to help them identify the key skills needed in order to become a successful professional. Students can explore a range of career paths & network with prospective College/University.
  • To provide students with opportunities to explore career paths in their respective streams. Good experienced career counsellors will guide them.